Twitter On Google Search Results Pages

August 31st, 2010 by jkardell Leave a reply »

If you are not using Twitter for your business yet, here is another reason to start. Last week Google made web search results timelier by launching Google Realtime Search –

Google has created a one-stop shop for Twitter search results

Google Realtime Search, which is separate from Google’s main search engine, is a great place for people to look for current conversations and topics happening online across the globe. It displays messages from Twitter and Google’s own version of Twitter called Google Buzz in the form of a continuously updating news feed. Realtime also shows some results from Facebook and MySpace.

Google Realtime is similar to Yahoo also offers something similar when users search news results for a specific topic.

With Google showing realtime Tweets, you now have one more way to be found online. Greater content equals greater visibility, which equals greater traffic. What are you waiting for? Just be sure, however, that your Twitter content is keyword rich. Not sure what keywords to use? Your SEO consultant can help.


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