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Google Mobile Ranking Change Coming April 21st

March 10th, 2015

Google Mobile Friendly Ranking  Factor

We advised of a new ranking change likely coming relating to how mobile friendly your site is.  It was later intimated that this change would take place April 21st.  Well, this change is no longer likely, and the date it will happen is no longer questionable.  Mark your calendars and be prepared.

When directly asked at last week’s SMX West if this new ranking factor would go live on the 21st or if there is wiggle room, Google’s Gary Illyes simply stated, “I will say April 21st is a very important day.”  Google NEVER let’s you know when a change is coming.  This change seems to be a huge one.  In reply to whether there is a cut off date for when sites need to be mobile ready, Illyes again simply stated, “have them ready by the 21st and it will be good.”  He also let the cat out of the bag that Google is currently working on a completely separate mobile index!

April 21st is just a little over a month away.  Is your site ready?  If you don’t have a mobile site, a mobile responsive site, or a mobile plugin in place you better reach out to your web developer ASAP.   Chances are a good portion of your visitors come from mobile devices.  You don’t want to lose that traffic.

Create Videos for your Business With Just an iPad

February 25th, 2015

If you watched the Oscars on Sunday and actually sat through the commercials you would have seen the new ad Apple rolled out.  The one minute piece called “Make a film with iPad” showcases just how simple it is to make a video on iPad Air 2.  The video, voiced over by the legendary Martin Scorsese, shows footage of students from the LA County High School for the Arts writing, shooting and editing video projects.  The entire ad was shot on an iPad Air 2.  It was turned into a polished production by apps that were downloaded to the tablet – Final Draft Pro, FiLMic Pro, Garage Band, and VideoGrade – and an Apogee MiC.     If you thought that you can’t make a decent video on your own, think again.  You now have a cost effective, DIY way to create videos for your website and social media.  You can purchase an iPad Air 2 for as little as $499, Apogee MiC for $299,  and the apps for $50.  This is not the price of one video, but countless videos.

Shoot videos of your products and services, client testimonials, or a day-at-the-office.  Share them and get the word out about your business.  Remember to upload them to YouTube and give them a keyword rich title so they can be found on the search results pages.

That’s a wrap!




Businesses Continue To Need A Facebook Presence

January 12th, 2015

As most businesses have now recognized, the number of fans who see free company Facebook posts has dwindled.  But that doesn’t mean you should abandon Facebook marketing altogether.  Rather, you need to rethink your Facebook marketing strategy, which can include boosting posts as well as Facebook ads.  A recent study by Pew Research bolsters this thought.  It revealed that while rival social networks are catching up to Facebook in the number of U.S. users, Facebook still has the most engaged users, which is what a marketer needs to consider.

social media rankings


Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn all gained new users over the past year.  23% of adults surveyed said they used Twitter, which was up from 18% the previous year, and  Instagram users grew from 17% to 26%.  Although the number of Facebook users did not increase, more people regularly logged onto Facebook than its rivals.  According to the survey, 70% of Facebook users log in daily.  That number is much higher than Instagram at 49%, Twitter at 36%, Pinterest at 17%, and LinkedIn at 13%.

Yes, this is just a bunch of numbers based on a survey, but is should be enough to make you think about developing the right social media marketing strategy for your business.


Facebook Fan Page Marketing Strategy Changes Are Coming

December 9th, 2014

Facebook Strategy Changes

Small businesses need to gear up for the new Facebook changes coming next month.  The network will be increasing its efforts to filter out free promotional status update posts from user news feeds.  This effort has been going on for quite a while.  The reach of posts has been dwindling.  If you currently don’t pay to promote your post, you are only reaching a very small fraction of your fans.  Facebook has now formally announced that businesses which promote free marketing pitches in their status updates will see a “significant decrease in distribution.”  The push toward paid advertising is on.  One can only imagine what the percentage of fans who see those posts will drop to with the new year changes.

What does this mean for your business?  You need to rethink your Facebook fan page marketing strategy.

Facebook still needs to be an integral part of your marketing efforts.  It is an important tool for acquiring and maintaining customers and building brand awareness.  You need to think of Facebook as another pay to play marketing channel. With Facebook, there are two pay options:

Boosting. You can pay a nominal fee to boost your posts so that more people see them.  You can choose to boost it to people who already like your page and their friends, or, you can choose to have it shown to people who don’t yet know about or like your page.  If you choose the later, you can select the audience that you want to see your post.  You select the budget and how many days you want your post to run.

Ads. Your other option is Facebook advertising.  Create a graphic ad and choose an audience.  You can target your audience by location, demographics, interests, behavior and connections.  You can also create your own audience by bringing in a custom list.  As for ad pricing, you can choose from a daily budget, a lifetime budget, cost per thousand impressions, or cost per click bid.

New year, new changes.  Make sure your adjust your marketing budget accordingly so you don’t get lost in the minds of your Facebook fans, their friends, and new prospects.

Top ways written content can help your business

November 8th, 2014

A good written content can give your business a new face to show your public of costumers. Probably, today most companies have already learn the importance of producing valuable written content to increase business, but there’s still a number of business owners who ignore the benefits coming a good marketing strategy which is based on written content.

Buying behavior and costumers’ needs

Decades ago you could even grow a powerful business without to spread the voice about products outside of the boundaries of your Country. But today things are really different.

In fact, if you have a look at the most recent market trends, you will notice that more customers express to prefer web resources and online commerce platforms, rather than traditional shops.   Written content

This is synonymous to something: companies should re-direct their marketing strategy to the web world. Why? Simple: because it’s exactly in the web that businesses can find their customers.

Today, people tend to prefer to use technology to get info, updates, to communicate: so, why should you decide to still stay focused on a land based type of marketing strategy?

A beating heart for business

A good and interesting written content works like an engine: it brings to you more customers. Sharing high quality content means to attract people’s attention and this leads to gain more customers. It is not necessary to spread rivers of words: just the correct and effective words, no more will be useful.

Written content is a new approach to client communication: you share information, your story, your news with the public and you become familiar to them as well as your products.

A good and well structured written content should be released only by professionals who know what to write and how in order to achieve the prefixed goals they want for your business’ sake.

Marketing with Optionrally

Making marketing requires a wide range of knowledge, that’s why in a communication agency each employee has their own role. In fact, content writers can’t operate with other marketing strategies.

Moreover, today the online world is become more accessible than in the past times. This leads many people to get interested in new marketing frontiers, such as the trading world.

You should first find an excellent and recommended company if you want to start to trade in the global financial markets: with Optionrally you can find a top guarantee of winning strategies and a solid trading career.

Where and how to learn

Here is a good review we found for you: You can see that Optionrally features a list of the most recommended trading platforms where beginners can open their accounts and start to trade.

Of course, you might still need to learn. That’s why Optionrally offers a completely free Education Center you can join at any time. It’s 24/7 available and it features the most innovative e-learning to allow anyone to easily learn from home about finance, binary options and investments in the global markets of Stocks, Forex, Commodities, Indices and Shares.

Want to increase website visibility? Try optimizing communications.

July 2nd, 2010

It is such a simple concept you will wonder why you hadn’t thought of doing it before.  Optimizing Communications™ is merely making the most use out of ALL of your communication tools – websites, blogs, articles, newsletters, press releases – by crafting them so that they are found by your prospects searching the Internet.

Why does this help with your web presence?  The more content you have out on the Internet, the more information you have for your prospects (and search engines) to find and read about your organization.  AND that content will help with your rankings because search engines such as Google and Yahoo! place great emphasis on fresh content and backlinks in their ranking algorythms. While the concept is simple, the execution requires an expert hand.

To increase website visibility all of that fresh content needs effective SEO.  What is SEO?  SEO or search engine optimization is the comprehensive process of developing web content so that the search engines such as Google and Yahoo! will find it – and more importantly – include in response to your prospects’ Internet search.  This is not something that can be done off the cuff.  You need the expertise of a reliable SEO firm that will conduct a thorough keyword analysis and knows how to strategically incorporate those terms into your web content so that it will catch the eye of both the search engines AND your prospects.

Want to know how fresh content can get you those coveted backlinks?  Find out in our next posting.  And stay tuned to learn how Optimizing Communications™ can save you money and create cohesive brand messaging.