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Create Videos for your Business With Just an iPad

February 25th, 2015

If you watched the Oscars on Sunday and actually sat through the commercials you would have seen the new ad Apple rolled out.  The one minute piece called “Make a film with iPad” showcases just how simple it is to make a video on iPad Air 2.  The video, voiced over by the legendary Martin Scorsese, shows footage of students from the LA County High School for the Arts writing, shooting and editing video projects.  The entire ad was shot on an iPad Air 2.  It was turned into a polished production by apps that were downloaded to the tablet – Final Draft Pro, FiLMic Pro, Garage Band, and VideoGrade – and an Apogee MiC.     If you thought that you can’t make a decent video on your own, think again.  You now have a cost effective, DIY way to create videos for your website and social media.  You can purchase an iPad Air 2 for as little as $499, Apogee MiC for $299,  and the apps for $50.  This is not the price of one video, but countless videos.

Shoot videos of your products and services, client testimonials, or a day-at-the-office.  Share them and get the word out about your business.  Remember to upload them to YouTube and give them a keyword rich title so they can be found on the search results pages.

That’s a wrap!




What are Boost Ads?

May 6th, 2011

The replacement of Google Tags?

Now that Google has officially retired Google Tags, if you were a Tags user have you received a call from a Google representative offering Boost Ads? Some of our clients have and they are asking us, “Just what are boost ads?”

In case you are wondering the same thing, here is a brief overview:

Boost Ads are just that – ads. Similar to Google AdWords, you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. Unfortunately you may not realize this when a Google rep calls you to try to convince you to start a Boost campaign. One of our clients was told it was free and as the rep walked our client through the set up process he then said it was pay per click. When our client questioned the Google rep, he said that pay per click was after he gave the first $100 free. IT IS pay per click.

How do Boost Ads work?

Unlike AdWords, Boost Ads are locally based and work together with your Google Places listing. If you are a former Google Tag user, you already have a Places listing. If you need to create one, visit
Adding Google Boost to your Places listing allows you to advertise on Google and Google Maps, including mobile devices. You set up a monthly budget and create copy for your ad and Google does the rest, including determining what search terms will trigger your ad to be shown and your bidding to have your ad included in the search results. The terms are selected based on your Places listing categories. Google has assigned a cost per click for each search term, which you pay every time someone clicks on your ad.

What information is displayed in a Boost Ad?

Google uses information from your Places listing – your business name, address, phone number, a short description of your business, a snippet from your Place Page, and a link to your Place Page.

Where are Boost Ads displayed?

Similar to AdWords, in a search, Boost Ads are displayed either above or to the right of the search results. In a Google Maps search, they appear above the search results. If your business appears in the organic Places listing results, your Boost Ad will appear in the ads section with a red marker and that red marker will appear on the corresponding map. If your business does not appear in the organic Places results, your Boost Ad will still appear in the ads section, but with a blue marker.

Will a Boost Ad help my organic Places listing rankings?

No. Boost Ads appear in the sponsored ads section – they don’t affect what businesses appear in the organic Places listings.

Boost or AdWords?

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to learn how to create and manage an effective Adwords campaign, or don’t have an Internet Marketing company you can rely on to do so for you, Boost is an option for local advertising. But keep in mind that it has limitations. AdWords provides more options and controls – keyword selection and bid control, local AND national targeting, advanced reporting and different ad formats such as video, display and more – than Boost offers.

Future of Yahoo Search and its Affect on Your Internet Marketing Campaigns

September 21st, 2010

Last week was big for Yahoo. On September 14th, The Neilson Company reported that Bing has overtaken Yahoo as the number 2 search engine (Google is still number 1 by a large margin.) Two days later Yahoo fought back, unveiling its 3-year vision – to be an “innovative technology company with the largest digital media content and communications business in the world.” A smart marketer should pay attention to Yahoo’s plans and be proactive.

Yahoo’s Future Plans and How You Can Take Advantage of Them

Some new updates are set to roll out this fall to reverse the decline in the amount of time users are spending on Yahoo sites. Yahoo changed the appearance of its search layout so that users will get more expansive information on the first results page. For example, if users are searching for movies, they will be able to view the times and purchase tickets without leaving Yahoo. The more robust your website is with relevant optimized content, the easier it will be for your company to be included in this information.

Yahoo also reached a deal with Starbucks where customers using the coffee shop’s free Wi-Fi networks will be directed to Yahoo content tailored to their local market – another great reason to take advantage of Yahoo Local business listings and to optimize your site for local search.

The search company also stated that it is attempting to better integrate Facebook and Twitter into its offerings so that users can more easily share information they find on Yahoo with their social networks. Now more than ever you need to keep your accounts active, inviting and informative.

As we covered in a previous post, Bing Yahoo Searches Now One In The Same? A Microsoft AOL Deal? What do these partnerships mean for your SEO? in August Bing officially started powering Yahoo searches while Yahoo maintains the exclusive worldwide relationship sales force for both Yahoo and Bing’s premium search advertisers. Make no doubt about it. Bing and Yahoo are in the game and you need to be in it as well. You can’t simply focus on Google.

Google Video Editor Makes Creating Videos For Your Internet Marketing Campaigns Easy – and More Professional

June 23rd, 2010

Videos help you capture the attention of online prospects. With YouTube you can create and upload videos to the Internet yourself without incurring the cost of a videographer. And now Google’s new YouTube Video Editor – also free – makes it easy to edit those videos to give them a more professional look and feel – no software or major techie knowledge needed.

With Google’s new video editor on YouTube, you can:

• Trim the beginning or ending of your video
• Merge multiple videos into one video
• “Splice” and remove a section of the video to another spot in the clip by dragging the same video into the timeline twice and trimming the beginning of one and ending of another
• Replace the existing soundtrack with one of tens of thousands of songs from YouTube’s Audio Swap library
• Edit and render 1080p – full high definition
• Publish new videos with one click

To reap true Internet Marketing benefits, don’t forget to optimize the video and embed it on your website – a great free way to increase your web presence!

Take a look at how Google’s new video editor works

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Want to increase website visibility? Part 2: Link building through traditional offline marketing and PR materials

November 30th, 2009

In my last posting, Want to increase website visibility? Try optimizing communications, I explained that fresh content, which is strategically crafted so it can be found by the search engines and your target audience, can improve your web presence and rankings.  So, hopefully you have started adding fresh content by optimizing your offline marketing and PR tools – newsletters, press releases and articles – and posting them to your website.  Now you need to start building those coveted backlinks that the search engines love so much.

The link benefits of optimized online press releases. By posting your optimized press release to your own website you are generating fresh content.  Great.  Now submit that release to an online news release wire service, which will distribute it to news services as well as many trade and industry websites.  Those sites will index your release.  Many other sites may pick it up and post it on their site.  Visitors to those sites may then post it to their own sites.  And so on.  And so on.  Voila.  You have just created countless backlinks with just one release. Those links, however, do not stay forever.  So you need to continually create and submit new releases.  Remember, fresh content and backlinks are key.

Publish on the world wide web. Have you written any articles?  If yes, submit them to article directories including a link back to your site.  If no, get writing!  Articles can not only position you as an industry leader, they can also lead prospects to your website door.

Remember, optimizing communications is a continual process.  Follow this simple concept and you will see results.