Can a small website rank well for competitive search terms? Yes, it can!

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Take a look at the search results page below.

Google Search Results Page for "baseball's greatest hitters"

The term “baseball’s greatest hitters” returned about 752,000 results. Included in the top listings are:

• with a Google Page Rank of 4;
• with a Google Page Rank of 9; and
• which has not yet received a Google Page Rank.

The owners of came to Write On Point to help improve their website visibility. Even though their domain name is the search term “baseball’s greatest hitters” they were not ranking well for it. We optimized the site – strictly on page SEO, no linking strategies or pay per click campaigns – conducting keyword research and analysis and providing SEO copyediting. In a month’s time they were in the top 5 for “baseball’s greatest hitters” and enjoy high rankings for such competitive search terms as “baseball’s top hitters” (in the top 20 out of over 1,800,000 on Google, 1 out of 7,800,00 on Yahoo and 9 out of 3,400,000 on Bing) and “steroids and hall of fame records” among many others. is a young site, with no backlinks and no press. Yet it ranks in top spots for competitive terms with the likes of Amazon, ESPN, Fox News, Reuters, PBS and Wikipedia. Imagine what could happen if started Linking, Internet Marketing and Public Relations campaigns.

Effective SEO can make a huge impact – it does not matter whether your site is large or small. If you take the time to do keyword research and analysis and incorporate those keywords into the appropriate places – and stay on top of them – your small, unknown website could also compete with the big guys. There are many books on SEO on the market; however, the rules are always in a state of flux. We suggest, in order to achieve the best results, that you rely on the expertise of an SEO professional who works in this field on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there are many companies out there who say they do SEO. Don’t get taken for a ride. Make sure to ask for samples of their work and references. SEO may seem like a costly investment, but can you afford not to be found?


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