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AdWords Location Extension No Longer Completely Free

June 1st, 2011

Maybe you missed it because of the long holiday weekend, but Google announced that over the next few weeks it will be charging for clicks on the directions link in your AdWords ads on both and Google Mobile. Google started charging for phone number link clicks in the ads quite a while back. So this should probably come as no surprise.

An AdWords Location Extension Is A Valuable Ad Component – So Look Before You Leap Away From the Cost

A location extension and its correlating direction link provide local searchers with valuable additional information that could entice them to select you over your competitors. So don’t rebel just yet. First determine your return on investment. Along with this new directions click fee, Google will be providing performance metrics for directions clicks alongside those for regular clicks and phone call clicks. You can also see previous metrics for the free directions clicks. Just select Free clicks within the dimensions tab of your AdWords account.

If after your analysis you decide that the return is not great enough to keep the location extension and directions link, you will need to remove the locations extensions from your AdWords campaign completely.