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Twitter On Google Search Results Pages

August 31st, 2010

If you are not using Twitter for your business yet, here is another reason to start. Last week Google made web search results timelier by launching Google Realtime Search –

Google has created a one-stop shop for Twitter search results

Google Realtime Search, which is separate from Google’s main search engine, is a great place for people to look for current conversations and topics happening online across the globe. It displays messages from Twitter and Google’s own version of Twitter called Google Buzz in the form of a continuously updating news feed. Realtime also shows some results from Facebook and MySpace.

Google Realtime is similar to Yahoo also offers something similar when users search news results for a specific topic.

With Google showing realtime Tweets, you now have one more way to be found online. Greater content equals greater visibility, which equals greater traffic. What are you waiting for? Just be sure, however, that your Twitter content is keyword rich. Not sure what keywords to use? Your SEO consultant can help.

Adding Keywords to iWeb

August 14th, 2010

While iWeb makes it easy to create a stunning website, it does not make it easy to add the necessary keywords so that searchers can actually find it. Unfortunately, iWeb itself lacks a user friendly way to add targeted, keyword rich title tags, meta tags, and alternate image text all of which are crucial to being found. In order to do so you need to alter the site’s HTML coding which requires true web development skills. But don’t be discouraged!

Now Adding Keywords to iWeb is easy

There is a program you can download that makes it easy for you to add those tags without touching the underlying HTML coding. And best of all . . . it is FREE.

You can quickly and easily optimize your iWeb site for the search engines with iWeb SEO Tool – 1.9. This free download from RAGE Software allows you to customize title tags, meta tags and alternative image text, as well as add the extremely informative – and free- Google Analytics – all without adding HTML snippets.

How to Add Keywords to your iWeb Site

Once you have downloaded iWeb SEO Tool, when you sign into your iWeb site, iWeb SEO askes where your iWeb pages are. It then opens a user friendly interface where you simply type in your title and description tags and alternate image text. That’s it. Save and upload your revised web pages and you are good to go. You can even create a meta tag directing how often the search engines should crawl your site for new content.

If you want to easily add keywords to your iWeb website, download the free iWeb SEO Tool. There is even a step-by-step video tutorial to help you.

While these tags are very important to your ability to be found online, there is much more that can be done to enhance your Internet visibility. You may want to rely on the expertise of an SEO company for keyword research and analysis as well as strategic placement of keywords in your page copy among other things.

What are Google Tags? How do Google Tags work?

August 2nd, 2010

Google Tags are a new way to help you enhance your web visibility. This post will explain exactly what Google Tags are and how they work.

What are Google Tags?

Google Tags are a new paid advertising feature for Google Places accounts. They are a way to enhance your local business listing on and Google Maps. A Google Tag is literally a yellow tag that highlights specific information about your business, such as a video, a coupon, or a weekly special and most importantly makes your business stand out! An example of what a Google Tag looks like is below:

See How Google Tags Make a Business Stand Out

See How Google Tags Make a Business Stand Out

How do Google Tags work

For a flat monthly fee of $25 you can select a type of Google Tag you would like to use to highlight your business. You can choose from:

· Photos
· Videos
· Coupons
· Menus
· Website
· Reservations
· Custom Messages

The type of tag you can select depends upon the information you already have included in your business listing. For example, if you want to highlight a photo, then you need to have uploaded photos to your listing. You can only select one tag at a time. However, you can change or remove a tag whenever you like which is great if you want to announce special discounts or limited time offers. You can even keep track of how well your Google Tags are working in your Google Places dashboard.

As more and more people are searching on the go, you may be happy to know that Google Tags will appear on mobile web searches.

Since this is a NEW advertising medium, Google Tags are a great way to get a jump on the competition. Keep in mind though, that Google Tags will only enhance your visibility if your listing is actually visible. If your business listing is not showing for keyword phrases that relate to your products or services, you may want to consult with an SEO company that can make that happen.