Optimizing Communications

In case you didn’t notice, optimizing communications™ is the Write On Point™ mantra. We believe the key to a successful web presence is making the most of ALL your communication tools – websites, articles, press releases, newsletters, blogs – by strategically crafting them so that they are found by prospects searching the Internet.

Website visibility hinges on optimized web content.
If you want prospects to find your website or blog, you need content that is grounded in effective search engine optimization (SEO) – the first prong of Optimizing Communications™. Write on Point™ performs a full keyword analysis of the search terms real people are using everyday. Then, we weave those terms into quality SEO copywriting, formatting that search engines can read, and user-friendly SEO web design. But that is only beginning. Now, the second prong of Optimizing Communications comes into play. Search engines, such as Google and Yahoo! place great emphasis on fresh content and backlinks when determining rankings. That’s why making Optimizing Communications™ your business’ mantra is so important. The more optimized content you have, the greater your Internet visibility and traffic. Write On Point™ generates that content by making your traditional offline marketing materials do double duty. We create search engine optimized articlespress releases, and newsletters that can be part of your offline AND Internet Marketing campaigns – for inclusion on your website and for submission to other websites for those coveted backlinks.



Thinking outside the box results in great ROI..
Because we create one marketing piece that serves dual purposes, there is no need to create separate offline and Internet marketing collateral. Our pieces save you money and create a cohesive branding message.