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Pay per click advertising that is tailored to your services, products and prospects

To maximize the power of your Internet marketing campaign we recommend that you include pay per click advertising or PPC ads.  As an Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization company, Write On Point™ can assist you in developing effective pay per click programs. Our Internet marketing services incorporate search engine optimization techniques to create compelling pay per click advertising that coordinates with the other components of your Internet marketing campaign.

What is pay per click?
While other Internet marketing tools – such as websites, online press releases, articles, and blogs – are essentially free (also called “natural” or “organic”), pay per click programs involve paid small text ads. Pay per click advertising can be placed next to the search engines’ “natural” search results, as well as on advertising networks and other websites or blogs. You pay each time someone clicks on your ad, hence the term pay per click.

How our pay per click ads are created
Similar to the natural search engine optimization process, pay per click advertising also involves analyzing the search terms your potential clients are using and then incorporating those terms into concise, right on point PPC ads.

Write On Point™ will assist you in creating persuasive keyword-rich pay per click advertising that:

  • Is specifically tailored to your products or services, potential customers' needs and/or location - and
  • Effectively works in conjunction with the other components of your Internet marketing campaign.

See how strategically created pay per click advertising can improve your bottom line, or call us at 845-258-6777 for a free consultation.


Write On Point, a New York search engine optimization and Internet marketing company, provides pay per click advertising (PPC) services to businesses and organizations throughout Hudson Valley, Orange County New York and the country.


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Local SEO services for NJ, New York and beyond


Write On Point Communications provides excellent advice on the best ways to optimize your website presence and local searchability.  We have noticed an increased responsiveness to our website as a direct result of our consultation with Ms. Kardell.  She thoroughly researched the local market, correctly evaluated our market niche, and offered extremely pertinent and valuable SEO advice to assist us with gaining an Internet presence in our town and local region for our photography portrait services.

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About Write On Point Communications

Write On Point Communications™ is based in Hudson Valley New York, just one hour outside of Manhattan. We are a professional marketing communications and search engine optimization (SEO) company that offers effective writing solutions specifically designed to differentiate your business from its competition – both online and off.

Call us at 845-258-6777 for a free consultation.

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