Harness the power of Internet marketing and its valuable ROI

No more marketing to the masses
Thanks to the Internet you can make contact with future customers at the exact moment they are looking for your services and products – and that contact is not limited to your website.

Enhance your web presence, traffic and conversions by "Optimizing Communications"
This process is the Write On Point mantra because of “optimizing’s” double meaning. We’ll make the most effective use of your website, press releases, newsletters, blogs, articles and flyers by strategically creating them to be found by the search engines and your prospects – either on your site or by being indexed on other sites.

When it comes to page rankings, search engines place great emphasis on fresh content and backlinks. And the more search engine optimized content you have on the Internet the greater your visibility and traffic. Optimizing communications plays an integral part in all of the above. We can enhance your web presence by crafting:

  • Articles that position you as an industry leader which can be included in a media room on your site or submitted to other sites for publication with backlinks
  • Online press releases that incorporate the search terms your potential clients and journalists are using and make them backlinks to your website
  • Blog posts that highlight your expertise and continually create fresh content for the search engines to find and direct potential clients your way
  • Online newsletters that highlight company happenings, such as new products and promotions that also can be included in your media room and emailed to customers
  • Pay per click advertising that targets the search terms your prospects are using in right on point persuasive copy

We think outside the box by creating marketing and PR material that works online and off
Our Internet marketing services generate great ROI. No need to create various separate Internet and offline marketing collateral. Our pieces serve dual purposes saving you money and creating a cohesive branding message.

Learn how Internet marketing can cost-effectively boost your PR and marketing campaigns, or call us at 845-258-6777 for a free consultation. 

Write On Point is a Hudson Valley Internet Marketing company located in the Orange County town of Warwick NY serving businesses and organizations from New York to California













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Local SEO services for NJ, New York and beyond


Write On Point Communications provides excellent advice on the best ways to optimize your website presence and local searchability.  We have noticed an increased responsiveness to our website as a direct result of our consultation with Ms. Kardell.  She thoroughly researched the local market, correctly evaluated our market niche, and offered extremely pertinent and valuable SEO advice to assist us with gaining an Internet presence in our town and local region for our photography portrait services.

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About Write On Point Communications

Write On Point Communications™ is based in Hudson Valley New York, just one hour outside of Manhattan. We are a professional marketing communications and search engine optimization (SEO) company that offers effective writing solutions specifically designed to differentiate your business from its competition – both online and off.

Call us at 845-258-6777 for a free consultation.

1 South Lynn Street, Warwick, NY 10990  info@writeonpointseo.com